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As a recognized facility specialist, AGS has succeed to attract a strong customer base.
Because the satisfaction of our clients is the main purpose of our profession, a team of 50 peoples answer all your questions 24/24 and 7/7, without interuption, to operate on a national and european scope.
As part of our quality-first approach, we recall all our clients at the end of each intervention to submit them a satisfaction survey. 
AGS in a few datas
Les travailleurs d'entrepôt
Carte de crédit

94 employees

€21 million turnover in 2021

Capture d'écran_20230110_102740.png

Headquarters in Boulazac (24)

Capture d'écran_20230130_215108.png

8 relay points in France and 1 agency in Madrid 

Our goal

Support the operator on a site management 

Our means

A plateform of 50 peoples working daily to satisfy your needs.

Our management

One R&D pole and one organisation pole to make easier the communication and the coordination between our teams for a top-notch efficiency.

Our skills

Planning and management of mandatory legislative maintenance, maintenance according to manufacturer recommendations and preventive maintenance according to brand history

After-sales service - Facilities -

Furniture installation

Site audits, administrative contract review

Compliance and monitoring


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